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Global view of installation
Schedule intervention
Investment plan
    Installation Assessment (Health check)     Best availability and quality
O&M Roadmap
Prioritise investments
Maximize uptime
Optimize asset management cost and manage budget
Visibility of asset management
    Services Maintenance Contract (AMC/LTMC)     Long term customised program
Preventive/corrective maintenance
Expertise of manufacturer
Reactivity commitment on failure
Employee Awareness
Trained staff for O&M including advancements
    Technical Training     In house competence to manage complete O&M
Knowledge & Skill upgrade to latest technology & trends
Reduce downtime and restart
Set maintenance best practices
Compliance & Safety
Commissioning support
    On Demand Maintenance (One time)     Preventive/curative maintenance
Manufacturer maintenance
Expert supervision and
Extend equipment lifetime
Modernize for efficiency
Optimize modernization costs
    Modernization (Retrofit & Revamp)     Anticipate & Ensure maintainability
Benefit technological advances
Upgrading w/o disrupting business
New equipment (manufacturer startup)

Installation Assessment

A plant-wide electrical installation
assessment to define an improvement and risk
management program


4 plans (MP4)
  ● Maintenance
  ● Modernization
  ● Monitoring
  ● Management


● Electrical distribution: from main high voltage supply to low voltage main distribution switchboard
● Industrial processes or large infrastructure sites sensitive to electrical shut down, with installed power > 2/3MVA
● Installation more than 5 years old fitted with any brands of products


Improve installation availability and quality
Provide a roadmap for operations and maintenance activities
Prioritize electrical investments to optimize CAPEX

Services Maintenance Contract

A customized long term services program to

● Maximize uptime
● Provide regular control over equipment
● Enable prediction of failure before it occurs
● Optimize asset management
● Remote monitoring


On-site services with 3 commitment levels


● Entire electrical installation
● Customised maintenance plan according to your process and installation
● 24/7 direct access to online assistance
● Contractual commitment to delivery times of replacement parts and expert call-out to the site in the event of a failure


Total peace of mind: manufacturer experts take care of your assets
Visibility of the status of the installation through exclusive tools
Budget control of installation based investment

On Demand Maintenance

The long term performance of an installation can be easily compromised if not properly maintained


● Expertise to start up technically complicated electrical networks
● Safe, reliable and quick approach

After Sales Parts

● Upgrade installation or replace parts with original components guaranteed by the manufacturer


● Getting faulty equipment repaired & insured for compliance with standard by original manufacturer


Reduced Risk of
    Delayed start ups associated with incorrect setting,      installation errors, etc
    Premature failure through undetected installation      settings/errors
Original parts replacement & repair helps
   Extended life
   Reduce Capex by extending life
   Protection against counterfeit risks
    Guarantee from manufacturer

Modernization - Retrofit & Refurbishment

Improve equipment life cycle at a minimum cost


● Upgrade performance of equipment to latest technological levels
● Minimum downtime work in phases
● Spare parts availability
● Improved safety; legal or regulatory requirement
● Engineered replacement of products inside existing equipment/installation
● Commissioning & startup - manufacturer expertise


● Electrical distribution: from main high voltage supply to low voltage main distribution switchboard
● Industrial processes or large infrastructure sites sensitive to electrical shut down
● Installation more than >10 years old fitted products


Equipment life cycle improved
CAPEX optimized
Equipment with the latest performance level and efficiency/reliability
Equipment without external physical modifications on it
Minimal disruption in business

MV Retrofit

(NGEF MOCB – 12kV, 1250A, 40kA)

(NGEF MOCB – 12kV, 1250A, 40kA)

Relay Retrofit

● Electromechanical relays are replaced with numeric relay that are communication/automation ready
● Suitable for various applications – Feeder, Motor, Transformer, Generator, Busbar
● New numerical relay can replace group of relays



LV ACB Retrofit



Replacement Change of existing LT Panel

Old LT Panel

New LT Panel

Replacement Existing Panel and Bus Bar Truncking which are replaced

Existing Bus Bar Trunking

New Bus Bar Trunking

Replacement Change of Existing Capacitor Panel

Old Capacitor Panel

New Capacitor Panel

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